What is Orient Link

Orient Link is a group owned and managed by Spanish interests, which performs commercial activities, focused the Chinese market. Our headquarters are located in Shenzhen (P.R. China) from where we develop all these activities. From this vantage, Orient Link maintains a direct view on the domestic market for import opportunities while developing close relationships with production management. This business is executed in a bilateral fashion acted as both representatives and trading company, as follows:


Who are the members of Orient Link

To make this work possible, Orient Link has recruited young and dynamic staff, from Chinese and Spanish nationalities, with knowledge and experience in Business Management and International Trade. This multinational staff applies a range of language expertise including English, Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese allowing for the smooth and direct transaction of business encompassing the globe.



With experience of crossing and dealing with language and culture barriers over a decade in China, Orient Link is well equipped in its business model. The agent-trading company relationship is being developed in order to build a network where offices will be set up in South Asia and Europe. This network will provide Orient Link and her clients a direct source for all facets of the import and export world. Shipping, quality analysis, trading, order management, product designing can all be dealt with under the Orient Link umbrella providing streamlined business in a fragmented system.

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